New channel of knowledge, relationship, business and information to action the senior market

Sao Paulo will foster a professional event about life quality and longevity, geared to a market that won’t stop growing: the segment of 50+ consumers.
The fastened aging of Brazilian population is leading to new demands and different consumption habits: 86% of Brazilians within this age range are financially independent and the sole responsible for their purchase decisions. They are more active, travel often and exercise regularly. They are exigent in their choices, adopting rational consuming experiences and increasingly connected to the digital world.
The longevity market is already a reality and it is full of opportunities. Yet, forty five percent of those consumers say they are having trouble finding novelties and different alternatives in products and services suited to their new habits and aspirations.
Longevidade Expo + Forum will act exactly over this scenario. In a Business Fair and Tendencies Forum format, the event will be a strategic action so that companies can present directly to the public their programs regarding products and services that provide wellbeing and life quality.


There are already 51 million Brazilians that are above the age of 50. And, in only 12 years, there will be 72 million.

The rising participation of the senior public in society and consumption requires a new gaze from the companies and brands. This group is increasingly spending at health, tourism, culture, wardrobe, novelties for home and the wellbeing of their own and their family.

The longevity market is already a reality and it is full of opportunities for companies and brands, but almost half of the senior public says that they are having trouble finding products and services suited to their aspirations and new consumption profile.

  • Half of the 50+ works, almost 30% independently
  • The entrepreneurship of the senior population is mounting. 12.3% of the country’s entrepreneurs are between 55 and 64 years old
  • Those consumers are traveling more, buying real state, smart phones, investing in culture and entertainment
  • More than 60% of them are the sole responsible for their purchase decisions and their individual earnings represent 50% of the family gross income
  • Health and financial security are constant preoccupations
  • Programs and services that promote new practices and social integration are very well welcomed



Date September 29th to October 1st (Sunday to Tuesday)

Time 10am to 08pm

Venue Expo Center Norte, the most versatile complex for exhibitions and congresses.
Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme São Paulo.


Longevidade Expo + Forum is a project by Couromoda Group, having over 45 years of experience in Brazil and abroad, the institution is one of the most important at the trade fairs and professional congresses area.

The event is an undertaking of Longevidade Feiras e Congressos, owned and implemented by Sao Paulo Feiras Comerciais – both companies are part of the Couromoda Group - and is held in cooperation with the UBM / Informa Group, a leading global organization in trade fairs, congresses and B2B events.

Couromoda Group is the creator and investor of leading events in the footwear, fashion, beauty and health sectors:

  • COUROMODA – International Shoe, Leather Goods and Accessories Fair
    (47 years –
  • HAIR BRASIL International Beauty, Hair and Esthetics Fair
    (18 years –
  • SÃO PAULO PRÊT-À-PORTER – International Trade Fair for the Fashion, Garment and Accessories Industry
    (10 years –
  • HOSPITALAR * – nternational Event of Solutions, Products, Equipment, Services and Technology for the Health Chain
    (26 years –
    *In 2015 Hospitalar was acquired by UBM Brazil, which in 2018 announced its merger with the Informa Group


Longevidade Expo + Forum is a venture by Longevidade Feiras e Congressos, performed and conducted by São Paulo Feiras Comerciais, both companies from de Couromoda Group, an organization that has over 45 years of experience at the business fairs and professional congresses sector.


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