Longevity Congress

September 30th to October 1st

Official event of Longevidade Expo + Forum. Scheduled for September 30th and October 1st, its content will be directed at professionals, entrepreneurs and specialists of the sector, discussing the impacts, perspectives and opportunities of a longer life, active and autonomous.

The execution and curatorship of the congress will be produced by Seguros Unimed, one of Brazil’s biggest insurance companies, acting at the segments of health, life, private pension, dentistry and elementary branches. The company has over 6 million clients and R$3 billion worth of income.

Program and additional supplementary information coming soon


Symposium about the Silver Economy

Open to subscribers and guests, the Symposium will have a conferences circle composed by both national and international speakers about the changes and the impact of Longevity in economy and consumption.

September 29th-30th
Longevidade Arena

Longevidade Expo + Forum is a venture by Longevidade Feiras e Congressos, performed and conducted by São Paulo Feiras Comerciais, both companies from de Couromoda Group, an organization that has over 45 years of experience at the business fairs and professional congresses sector.


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