The Information & Trends Forum will be presented on each of the three days. It will offer insights on the challenges of longevity and explain how society and the economy are gearing up to address the needs and aspirations of the new mature near majority.

A extensive program of seminars and workshops will bring together public and private organizations, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, universities, researchers and senior population representatives around the themes of active aging, quality of life and greater inclusion of the elderly in social and economic life.

Who will bring the knowledge?
Public and private organizations, dedicated to the study of longevity and behavior.
Institutions, companies, specialists, research organizations, universities and others


Simposio dedicated to discussing the growth and influence of Silver Economy in Brazil and its influence on business in industry, commerce and services. September, 29th . Longevity Arena, 9AM. Program and information to be released on June, 30th.

Talk Shows

Sunday, September 29th, will be devoted to various talk shows with themes related to well-being and quality of life, experiences and testimonials on how to live more and better. Longevity Meeting Rooms, from 12HS.


September 30th to October 1st

One of the largest Brazilian insurance companies, operating in the sectors of health, life, private pension, dentistry and property (with 6 million customers), Seguros Unimed is the director of the official event of Longevidade Expo + Forum.

The Seguros Unimed Longevity Congress will take place on September 30th and October 1st, at Longevity Arena, with content directed to the public of professionals and entrepreneurs, and will debate the longevity impacts, perspectives and opportunities to the Brazilian society.

Longevidade Expo + Fórum is an enterprise of Longevidade Feiras e Congressos, managed and run by São Paulo Feiras Comerciais, companies of the Couromoda Group, an organization with more than 45 years’ experience in trade fairs and professional congresses.


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