Come get to know new products and solutions to live longer and better.
Longevidade Expo + Forum will gather at the same venue the bids of products and services that companies from various sectors present to the 50+ consumers. It will be an opportunity to meet new projects, buy products and try services.


  • Consumers in general, especially those aged 50 and over
  • Professionals, researchers and specialists in the area of longevity
  • Executives and entrepreneurs with products, equipment and services designed for seniors
  • Influencers and the press

Focus Topics

  • Home and wellness
  • Travel, leisure and entertainment.
  • Finance, insurance, labor and investments
  • Health, sport and beauty
  • Food and gastronomy
  • Knowledge and outreach organizations
Information and Lectures:
There will be an extensive schedule of lectures, seminars and workshops, covering topics related to quality of life, entrepreneurship, entertainment, behavior, personal finance, accessibility, fashion, decoration and more.


Longevidade Expo + Fórum is an enterprise of Longevidade Feiras e Congressos, managed and run by São Paulo Feiras Comerciais, companies of the Couromoda Group, an organization with more than 45 years’ experience in trade fairs and professional congresses.


Rua Padre João Manuel, 923 – 6º andar
01411-001 – São Paulo/SP - Brazil
+55(11) 3897-6199

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